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Summer 2012

I’ve Waited 27 Days to Write This

The Worst Parts of my Childhood

Being Paul Giamatti

Dear Mom, I’m Doing Just Fine in Colorado Without a Gun

Sometimes, Judging People Can Come in Handy

Spring 2011

Ode to Our Friendly Car Vandal

Baby Beards: The Solution to Juvenile Contentment (Sponsored Post)

How You, Too, Can Be an Online Content Writer

Winter 2010

10 Things No One Gave a Shit About in 2010

Me: This Year’s Made for TV Christmas Movie

ugly baby

The Science of Cuteness

Summer 2010

7 Easy Ways to Deter Females

WORLD PREMIER: Building 19 Commercial

CASTING CALL for Average/Disappointing Bodies

The Budding Career of a Professional Greeting Card Writer

Even Homeless People Need a Coffee Break; and Other Things I Learned on my Eurotrip

Spring 2010

The Science of Cuteness (pictured)

The Science of Cuteness: Part Two

taylor swift annoying face

10 of the Most Annoying Faces

A Day at the Brain Doctor’s Office

The Hangover, JPEG Style

Winter 2009

10 of the Most Annoying Faces (pictured)

Is Etsy a Front for a Celebrity Clone Project?

MS Paint Tutorial on YouTube

Happy Holidays from the Christmas Tree Shoppes! (ish)

TV Moments that Changed My Life

Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas: Pregnancy Tests and More!

Fall 2009

Sun is to Moon as Taylor Swift is to

Summer 2009

The Art of People-Watching

With this [Walmart Bag] I Thee Wed

short hair girl

Ode to the Short-Haired-Girl

Homesick for Boston

Spring 2009

COME ON DOWN to Walmart!

Hannah Mantana: The Major Motion Picture

Vicious Criminal on the Run

Bad Local Commercials

Ode to The Short-Haired-Girl

Winter 2008

How to Get Famous in the 21st Century

Awkward Valentine’s Day

The natural way to get high

Open Letter to the Birds that Took Down Flight 1549

Confession: I have a neurological disorder! Yaaaayyyyyy

Storytime with Samantha




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