With this [Walmart Bag] I Thee Wed

2 Aug

Inspired by a failed relationship, a couple cool-ass contemporary sculptors and an online sculpture class assignment, I fashioned a wedding dress out of several unconventional materials.


Title: Disposable Love. 2009.

Feast your eyes on this couture garment built from plastic Walmart bags, two shades of trash bag and clear plastic packing tape. The assignment was to pick a site on my college campus and design a sculpture for that space. Here’s an excerpt from my paper:

The site of Disposable Love is located on the Bridgewater State College campus on mornings from Monday through Friday. The site is a student named Samantha McCormick, also the artist of the sculpture. I am five foot three inches tall and one hundred and ten pounds.

I will spare you from quoting the rest of the paper, but rather give you a blog version. Stop reading now if you if you have no interest in learning something new via Internets. Perhaps you will have better luck filling out a 408-question survey about yourself on ForwardGarden.com. I hear StuffOnMyCat.com is also looking for contributors.



serra TTI LondonRichard Serra: “Shotty I don’t play dat game” Because his sculptures are not fully alive until someone is in the room. When designing public art, he doesn’t cater to a building’s function or needs – i.e. he would never design a sculpture of books for a library. He urges other artists to do the same. He’s got a bit of a Fountainhead complex going on. One of his sculptures was removed by New York City officials shortly after its construction (see right). The case of Tilted Arc was brought to court on the grounds that it was unattractive and disrupted people traffic, which was Serra’s intent. Can’t have that in New York, oh no.

Kristin Hassenfeld & Petah Coyne: “White America, I go to TRL look how many hugs I git” I have a simple aesthetic. I enjoy crisp, clean lines, few or muted details, decisive and simple colors. Below is Hassenfeld’s paper art.

hassenfeld Though a little elementary school art class with Mrs. Gruppy -esque, it’s still pretty to look at. I don’t know if I’d ever go to an exhibit of hers but regardless, she did inspire to create a luxury item out of a common material. Petah Coyne creates scenes out of white wax (see right), usually morbid or ironic, always one or two colors.

Nick Cave: “Look Mayne its a Hood Thang” He validated my itch to make a piece of clothing. I love to sew and experiment with fabric. He has created tons of Soundsuits (below) for performance art, but even standing alone with no inhabitant they are damn cool. He also uses trash for materials, which inspired me too. Human hair, patches of dryer lint, bone, these are a few of his favorite things.

Because I got such a good response on Facebook from pictures of Disposable Love, I’m thinking of making others like it. It was really dear to my heart so I don’t know if I could ever outdo it, but I had alot of fun making the dress and showing it to other people. Future fashion show? Or trashion show, if you will…?


2 Responses to “With this [Walmart Bag] I Thee Wed”

  1. sweettater December 2, 2009 at 8:16 pm #

    that is fantastic

  2. ummmmheyyyy December 6, 2009 at 10:30 pm #

    Aw! Thanks!

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