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COME ON DOWN to Walmart!

7 May

My friends and I recently filmed this local commercial for a Mom-and-Pop store called Walmart. (You probably haven’t heard of it.) Enjoy our exaggerated Boston accents!

What do you think?

Hannah Mantana: The Major Motion Picture

2 May

Here’s the full 5-minute comedy my friends and I made for Campus Moviefest. We won the AT&T mobile phone award (for using their phone in the movie in a creative way) and they’re showing our movie this weekend at an awards show in NYC.

Hannah Mantana: THE MOVIE

My plans for this weekend? Filming a local-style commercial at Walmart w/ my girls Megan and Katie. (“Welcome ta Walmaht, here we have ill-fitting clothes and Rubbermaid containers” etc).

Yours forever,


12 Apr

Happy Easter! My sister Jess and I made a fake online dating commercial today with a sign I stole off a telephone pole. (I live in Holbrook. Most people in my town suck.)


And now, the Youtube premier of “Singles.com”:

pic_0133Bonus!!! Meet Edwina McCormick at HolbrookSingles.com. She’s a buxom broad who enjoys purchasing jackets with shoulderpads. http://www.HolbrookSingles.com/EdwinaLuvzU

Bad Local Commercials

4 Apr

I just found my new Saturday morning activity. (By ‘morning’ I mean from the time I begin mixing my hangover cocktail of coffee and Excedrin, until about 2:30pm.) My new activity is Watching Bad Local Commercials on Youtube. Bad local commercials usually have one or all of the following qualities:

  • Dead eyes
  • Visually unappealing film quality
  • Echoing words (ex. “No Money Down -Down -Down -Down”)
  • Awkward physical movements (ex. the wavering point of a finger)
  • Use of 1980s special effects (ex. The Mirror Effect)picture-5

These ones had me laughing.


“They-fuh-leh tellmeboutoneeyehundedtoosellhomes” Oh, and WHY ARE WE STANDING IN FRONT OF THESE BATHING SUITS??


It’s more fun if you replace the word “model” with “bitch”:


At 0:52 she’s laughing at the silly ghost that just flew by.

These guys on Youtube share my fixation with all things local-commercial, plus they’re hilarious. I messaged them telling them that I would Internet-stalk them until I met them this summer (they live in North Carolina, which is where I’ll be for my internship).

I think it’s genius that they love local commercials enough to make bad local commercials for real businesses. Because that’s what it’s all about. Paying it forward. Coming full circle. Keeping the faith. Clicheing the phrase.

Hannah Mantana: THE MOVIE

30 Mar

Here is the preview* for the comedy short that my friends and I made for Campus Moviefest:

*Sorry it’s not the whole thing – but we need everyone we can to come see our movie (and then vote for it to win) at Campus Moviefest.

Wednesday April 22nd – Bridgewater State College – Campus Center – 7:30pm


If we win we get to go to NYC for Regionals & win some siqq prizes!! HELP A SISTA OUT, YA? I officially invite you.

Happy Saint Paddy’s Day kid

16 Mar

Do you love our Boston accents?

Video circa 2007. That year, my friends and I ditched the legendary South Boston Saint Patrick’s Day parade. We ditched it this year too (it was Sunday). Instead my best friend Katie and I decided to take advantage of the sweltering 59-degree-day by driving out to Castle Island. Which, like the parade, is in South Boston. I don’t know why we thought there would be parking. There wasn’t.

We may be from the biggest college town in America, but that doesn’t mean we’re the smartest cookies in the knife drawer. :)

Getting Personal with Samantha

17 Feb

I apologize for skimping on the text lately. New England is boring me. I have travel fever, but I’m locked down by school and an ill-paying internship. And I don’t mean “ill” as in “That’s one ill muh fucka!”

I have been practicing various forms of escapism as a way to take my mind off of my mundane daily life. I have been reading this book:

which is very, very good (but the ultimate test will be   when I actually get to the city on March 8th.) I have been applying to summer jobs and internships. I have been jealously reading travel blogs, my favorite one as of late being Nomadic Matt, written by a guy that did the college thing, got his Masters, got a job, then quit everything and became a gypsy. A gypsy that owns a laptop and updates frequently from the road.

I have also been enjoying the company of this handsome fellow:

Last, I spend most showers and commutes fantasizing about future  occupations, most of them associated with travel. Oh man that sounds pathetic. Oh well. The most recurring occupational fantasies are

1. Me as Host of a TV show on the Travel Channel

<–Optional slogan: ‘Sit at home and watch people travel on TV’

2. Me as a Writer for a TV show on the Travel Channel (which leads to imagining a life of poverty and frequent writers’ strikes, not to mention getting taken advantage of by everyone in a suit – hey, isn’t that what happens? & THAT’s why I’m getting a business degree instead of an English degree)

3. Me as Author of assorted nonfiction bestsellers (don’t worry – I would NEVER curse the world with a book as shitty as Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People)

4. Me as a Camerawoman for Anthony Bourdain’s show on the Travel Channel

<–“You’re a little close”

5. Me taking over Samantha Brown’s job on the Travel Channel (Let’s face it. Eventually she’ll age out of hosting)

It’s okay, I hate New England too—->

5. Me as Vice President of Viacom (you know, the keyholder to Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, Paramount Pictures, etc.)

6. Me as Marketing Extraordinaire for Viacom

7. Me as a Travel Writer (I suppose freelancing is a start..)

I’ll stop at seven.

My next trip is Brooklyn/Manhattan from March 8th – 12th. I haven’t written my Manhattan entry yet because I’m still planning the itinerary. (Yea, I’m one of those people.)

I just hate the thought of coming back home. :(

Can YOU find the Condom Tree?

15 Feb

I made a slideshow of photos I took yesterday in a greenhouse at Wellesley College. It smelled so good in there.

Turn up the sound, there’s Minus the Bear in there, dear.

See if you can spot the Condom Tree (Ficus Magnumus).

Me Dancing

6 Feb

Wouldn’t you like to grind up on me at the next school gym dance!





…Oh. I see.

Inauguration: You 1.8 million think you’re sooooo cool

22 Jan
Watching the Inauguration parade in DC

Watching the Inauguration parade in DC

Videos are sprinkled throughout. (Let’s face it, Interneter. I know you. You’re going to ignore the text and go straight to my videos. I’m okay with that. I wrote this mainly for myself and for Jenn Berry, who’s in England, and made this trip happen for me.)

Premier Bus Lines deposited us onto the mean streets of DC at 5:30 in the morning. (By “Premier” they must mean “Comparable to sitting on a moonbounce while children are jumping”). The sky was black, the moon was thumbnail-like, and the Capitol dome was brightly looming in the distance. It was the first and last time I would see a government monument. http://www.myspace.com/suspensefulmusic

Vendors scampered about arranging their Obama hand-puppets and Obama air fresheners (“They smell like change, 3 dollars”) on tables. Normal people were out too, alot of them; it was kind of like a vampire movie. Mental note: write screenplay for Political Interview with the Vampire, starring Denzel Washington as Barack Obama and Danny DeVito as Anderson Cooper.

Jenn, I REALLY regret not buying you this

Jenn, I REALLY regret not buying you this

We got breakfast at the Hyatt Hotel. Coincidently, out of 100 tables, we sat at the table the college freshmen behind us on the bus had sat.

Me: “Which one of you decided to eat Doritos at 2 o’clock in the morning?” [The three freshmen look at eachother]

College Freshmen #1: “Me”


We walked away to get coffee and I said to Greg ‘That’s not an awkward breakfast or anything.” Greg’s eye twitched a little so I know he heard me and laughed on the inside. He was pretty much asleep still. Hey thanks, Premier Bus Lines! Anytime I want my boyfriend turned into a shell of his former self, I’ll call you.

We had our awkward breakfast and went outside to test out personal space boundaries for about 2 and a half hours, eventually rounded a corner, and ended up at the same place we started.

I’d like to give props for the creativity that others exhibited for trying to move through the giant, lovable, masses of Obamafans:

1. Lady holding up a plastic police badge: “POLICE, I got a sick lady with me, let me through”

2. Crowd: “MOVE – THAT – BUS”

3. Southern old lady jamming her Prohibited-Item walker into peoples’ backs (if it was my back I would have been REALLY MAD! but ultimately would have DONE NOTHING! as you may have learned from my old people entry.)

Hours later, a cop told us that they stopped letting people into the Mall, due to “a water main break” which immediately sounded like code for “Bomb threat: time to shit pants”. We found an Irish bar with 10 TVs (shout-out to The Irish Channel) where we gathered with other people who didn’t get into the ceremony. Even people with tickets were there. Today, a little sentence in USA Today (jinxyouowemeasoda!) explained that the Purple Ticket gate was never opened because Barry down at Metal Detector Deliveries R Us delivered to “Mashmington, DC” by accident.

We drove 11 hours to get there, to watch it all happen on TV. Whatevs, even the 1.8 million people who got into the actual ceremony ended up watching it on TV (see below), but in the arctic cold (as CNN said, “Temperature in DC: 25 degrees, feels like 11,” to which I remarked “Where do they come up with that measurement?” and some big black guy laughed.)

A picture of a picture of a picture.. wait I think I just blew your mind

A picture of a picture of a picture.. wait I think I just blew your mind

I talked to people from San Diego, West Virginia, North Carolina, and heard the legend of The People That Came from Ethiopia (What? I know..) This was the reason I wanted to come to DC most. I wanted to experience history alongside the other people who dropped everything to come out there and be a part of it all.

And besides seeing the Reverend Al Sharpton, I even saw Brink…

Editorialists, bloggers, and comic strip artists can satire the SHIT out of the nation’s optimism towards Obama’s presidency. Why not put on some black eyeliner, line up your Taking Back Sunday albums, and make a cozy spot in the corner to cry in? Don’t forget to Twitter about how life sucks every half hour.

Please excuse my cold sore:

DVD Extras

DC’s Reaction to Bush during the Inauguration:

DC’s “Chinatown” . . I think they were hinting at something:

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