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Plane Crashes Into IRS Office in Austin, Texas

18 Feb

Being that it is tax season and the aircraft was a small one-man plane, if you do not see the irony in this you need to be


Apparently the guy had tax problems and thought that the best possible way to end his financial troubles was to set his house on fire and fly his airplane into a government building. Please note that I will be forced to abandon all prior commitments when the poster-boy of logic and reasoning, Mr. Joe Stack, appears as a guest on The Colbert Report. You can Become a Fan of Joe Stack here.


The Apple iPad Parody

27 Jan

If the news hasn’t already been shoved down your throat yet — Apple just released its new tablet PC today. Here’s what immediately came to mind after hearing the name “iPad” for the first time:

Image by me. If you repost this image, please give credit where credit is due (Me, Samantha, at ummmmheyyyy.wordpress.com.) Better yet, why not just copy the whole link to share my blog with your friends and loved ones?

Is Etsy.com a Front for a Celebrity Clone Project?

9 Jan

Etsy.com has blown its cover. Once thought to be a retail space for handmade items, the public now has reason to believe that the website is an Internet-based government project focused on experimenting with the genes of once-famous celebrities.

Top authorities are now actively searching in the Beverly Hills area for a rumored ‘black market’ where local celebrities auction off their DNA for cold, hard cash. Authorities believe that unlicensed amateur scientists use the celebrities’ DNA to perform clone experiments, some of these clones ending up as models on Etsy.com.

The evidence below is what has recently been uncovered from Etsy.com.

Subject No. 1000328

Authorities have reason to believe Subject No. 1000328 has been derived from the DNA of

Corey Feldman.

Subject No. 1000746

Authorities have reason to believe that Subject No. 1000746  is an unfortunate result of the malicious DNA tampering of

Mickey Rooney

If you have any information on this crime, please contact Boston’s Fox News Tip Line at 1-888-411-TIPS.

Bad Local Commercials

4 Apr

I just found my new Saturday morning activity. (By ‘morning’ I mean from the time I begin mixing my hangover cocktail of coffee and Excedrin, until about 2:30pm.) My new activity is Watching Bad Local Commercials on Youtube. Bad local commercials usually have one or all of the following qualities:

  • Dead eyes
  • Visually unappealing film quality
  • Echoing words (ex. “No Money Down -Down -Down -Down”)
  • Awkward physical movements (ex. the wavering point of a finger)
  • Use of 1980s special effects (ex. The Mirror Effect)picture-5

These ones had me laughing.


“They-fuh-leh tellmeboutoneeyehundedtoosellhomes” Oh, and WHY ARE WE STANDING IN FRONT OF THESE BATHING SUITS??


It’s more fun if you replace the word “model” with “bitch”:


At 0:52 she’s laughing at the silly ghost that just flew by.

These guys on Youtube share my fixation with all things local-commercial, plus they’re hilarious. I messaged them telling them that I would Internet-stalk them until I met them this summer (they live in North Carolina, which is where I’ll be for my internship).

I think it’s genius that they love local commercials enough to make bad local commercials for real businesses. Because that’s what it’s all about. Paying it forward. Coming full circle. Keeping the faith. Clicheing the phrase.

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