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Spring Break in Manhattan

15 Mar

dsc003352After biking across the Brooklyn Bridge, Greg and I bike-laned our way over to Canal Street. I believe I was misled by the stereotype that all Asians ride bikes – because quite a few Asian shopkeepers frowned at our bikes taking up their precious sidewalk space. Next time I visit I might “accidentally” ride my bike into a couple tables of plastic sunglasses and pashmina scarves…

A sidestreet off of Canal Street

A sidestreet off of Canal Street


And just a suggestion – thou shalt spellcheck before engaging in graffiti.

After sadly returning the bikes, we visited Central Park. Unfortunately, we did not see any jogging Phoebe Boufays.

dsc00326But we did visit Strawberry Fields, where I sniped a picture of Greg looking retarded hipster in aviators and the jacket Jimmy stole from some poor shmuck at The Pourhouse. And Greg sniped a couple pictures of me just looking retarded in general.


I is a hat!


After this, we visited the Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art) because I had been there once before and left feeling like I hadn’t even seen 1/10  of it. (That’s what happens when you’re the only person in your family who enjoys art.)

This shrine from the Middle Ages made me laugh, because…



It pissed me off that when heading north from Downtown, there were fewer train stops. Probably because all the rich people in Midtown & Uptown don’t want all the “normal people” clogging up their Starbucks’. Greg and I never took a cab – because there was no need to. The trains are easy to use, and walking is really the best way of exploring a city, anyway. Plus we didn’t want to spend all our money on transportation. We’d rather spend it on food in Brooklyn…

In conclusion,

Brooklyn > Manhattan



9 Jan

I’m guessing college didn’t quite work out for Jess.


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