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“Hey Black Person, Buy Our Shit”

1 Dec

I love advertising that targets minorities. I was picking up some veggie burgers in my local grocery store today (I was told they didn’t order any so they could fit all the turkeys in the freezer — fail) when I spotted this exact display of Little Debbie snacks:



Note the very top of the display case, where two (black) people are ‘just chillin, son’ next to the Little Debbie logo. Also note the jumping (black) man, which is clearly an allusion to basketball players. Who are black. I guess in order to be good at basketball, you have to buy 1200-calorie Little Debbie cream pies. Healthy.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that the McDonald’s ads of today no longer target little kids with Ronald McDonald. Instead of a clown, their new mascot is the twenty-something black man or woman. And the settings for their commercials are almost always in urban locations. I’m lovin it. They even have a website for black people. I wish they would make ad targeting mid-Western white people. But it would probably would be boring and not have any of that funky hip-hop in the background.

There’s a good quote from this ad for KGB, some crappy 99-cent mobile phone Wikipedia-esque thing, below this screenshot…

“Oh No you bett’ not be putting no yak up in MAH weave”

Furthermore, American Apparel targets easy girls, Alex and Chloe targets dirty skinny hipsters, and Apple targets people who have to buy their individuality:






Oops… I’m all over the Internet

14 Nov

No, I’m not. Come on, I’m not that cool. This girl, however, is…

your face is awkward

Introducing, the girls and boys of Lookbook.nu. If you know me by now, you know that I have a strange fashion sense and I love visiting websites like The Sartorialist for inspiring street fashion photography. I recently stumbled upon Lookbook.nu, which is a self-proclaimed international “Street Fashion” forum — though in my opinion it’s not, because the photographs on there are usually taken by the person wearing the stuff. (Not exactly ‘found’ on the street). And because people post their own pictures of themselves, that means that Lookbook is 85% vain pieces of shit taking vanity shots of themselves and 15% cool people taking cool pictures of their cool style.

I’m gonna be honest here. I find pleasure in others’ demise. That’s probably why I love visiting Lookbook.nu. Because there are so many I-hope-you-didn’t-go-out-in-that photos to bite your lip at. Of course, I’m not going to say I haven’t had my fair share of fashion blunders.



wah wah.



(not to mention the color-changing pink Vans I wore on my first day of high school, the red knee-length maternity skirt with clocks all over it, the white and pink striped knee socks… but all in all I’m glad I made those mistakes because at least I tried wearing something different instead of wearing the crap at Aeropostale that everybody else buys.)

So that you might have the opportunity to share in the pleasure of someone else’s bad choice, I have taken the liberty of going through recent posts on Lookbook and filtering out the good stuff, leaving only the bad stuff. Here you go.

pinata Asian


censor everything please


cyclops and everything else


curious where you found this




i hate your face


That’s all for now. Hope you enjoyed.

With this [Walmart Bag] I Thee Wed

2 Aug

Inspired by a failed relationship, a couple cool-ass contemporary sculptors and an online sculpture class assignment, I fashioned a wedding dress out of several unconventional materials.


Title: Disposable Love. 2009.

Feast your eyes on this couture garment built from plastic Walmart bags, two shades of trash bag and clear plastic packing tape. The assignment was to pick a site on my college campus and design a sculpture for that space. Here’s an excerpt from my paper:

The site of Disposable Love is located on the Bridgewater State College campus on mornings from Monday through Friday. The site is a student named Samantha McCormick, also the artist of the sculpture. I am five foot three inches tall and one hundred and ten pounds.

I will spare you from quoting the rest of the paper, but rather give you a blog version. Stop reading now if you if you have no interest in learning something new via Internets. Perhaps you will have better luck filling out a 408-question survey about yourself on ForwardGarden.com. I hear StuffOnMyCat.com is also looking for contributors.



serra TTI LondonRichard Serra: “Shotty I don’t play dat game” Because his sculptures are not fully alive until someone is in the room. When designing public art, he doesn’t cater to a building’s function or needs – i.e. he would never design a sculpture of books for a library. He urges other artists to do the same. He’s got a bit of a Fountainhead complex going on. One of his sculptures was removed by New York City officials shortly after its construction (see right). The case of Tilted Arc was brought to court on the grounds that it was unattractive and disrupted people traffic, which was Serra’s intent. Can’t have that in New York, oh no.

Kristin Hassenfeld & Petah Coyne: “White America, I go to TRL look how many hugs I git” I have a simple aesthetic. I enjoy crisp, clean lines, few or muted details, decisive and simple colors. Below is Hassenfeld’s paper art.

hassenfeld Though a little elementary school art class with Mrs. Gruppy -esque, it’s still pretty to look at. I don’t know if I’d ever go to an exhibit of hers but regardless, she did inspire to create a luxury item out of a common material. Petah Coyne creates scenes out of white wax (see right), usually morbid or ironic, always one or two colors.

Nick Cave: “Look Mayne its a Hood Thang” He validated my itch to make a piece of clothing. I love to sew and experiment with fabric. He has created tons of Soundsuits (below) for performance art, but even standing alone with no inhabitant they are damn cool. He also uses trash for materials, which inspired me too. Human hair, patches of dryer lint, bone, these are a few of his favorite things.

Because I got such a good response on Facebook from pictures of Disposable Love, I’m thinking of making others like it. It was really dear to my heart so I don’t know if I could ever outdo it, but I had alot of fun making the dress and showing it to other people. Future fashion show? Or trashion show, if you will…?

Back to my Roots

18 Apr

Little did you know, this blog rocketed out of Mother Internet’s vagina as a blog about airbrushing. I decided to rename it “Escapism,” due to the culturally irrelevant nature of the posts I write. (For example, the critically acclaimed* Ode to the Short-Haired Girl, and one of my personal favorites, Old People: THEY’RE EVERYWHERE.)

Lately I’ve been getting back to my airbrushing roots.



That’s a shark and a wave if you can’t tell:


For Hannah Mantana: THE MOVIE:


And now for the meat. Here’s a little ditty I wrote called “A Poem About Airbrushing.” It would be best to read it silently to the tune of “The Moment” by Kenny G.

A Poem About Airbrushing

Spray, paint, spray,dsc00528
not on my fingernails or skin —
Spray on the fabric that is
right under your nose.
Spray, paint, spray,
Decided to take the day off?
No paint today?
Oh, because I could have sworn
that merely five minutes ago
I loaded $10 worth of fabric paint into your little
Spray, paint, spray,
Or better yet, fling ugly blobs of paint
at my blank canvas of a teeshirt.
Spray, paint, spray,
Oh guess what?
my dad heard my cacophonous frustration with you today
and guess who’s getting a NEW airbrush gun
for her birthday?
That’s right – me!
I’m throwing you away. :)

For more pictures of stuff I’ve airbrushed…

I lost my airbrushing v-card to this tshirt, and I attended President Obama’s Inauguration wearing the hoodie in this post

*Not really

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