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The Apple iPad Parody

27 Jan

If the news hasn’t already been shoved down your throat yet — Apple just released its new tablet PC today. Here’s what immediately came to mind after hearing the name “iPad” for the first time:

Image by me. If you repost this image, please give credit where credit is due (Me, Samantha, at ummmmheyyyy.wordpress.com.) Better yet, why not just copy the whole link to share my blog with your friends and loved ones?

“Hey Black Person, Buy Our Shit”

1 Dec

I love advertising that targets minorities. I was picking up some veggie burgers in my local grocery store today (I was told they didn’t order any so they could fit all the turkeys in the freezer — fail) when I spotted this exact display of Little Debbie snacks:



Note the very top of the display case, where two (black) people are ‘just chillin, son’ next to the Little Debbie logo. Also note the jumping (black) man, which is clearly an allusion to basketball players. Who are black. I guess in order to be good at basketball, you have to buy 1200-calorie Little Debbie cream pies. Healthy.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that the McDonald’s ads of today no longer target little kids with Ronald McDonald. Instead of a clown, their new mascot is the twenty-something black man or woman. And the settings for their commercials are almost always in urban locations. I’m lovin it. They even have a website for black people. I wish they would make ad targeting mid-Western white people. But it would probably would be boring and not have any of that funky hip-hop in the background.

There’s a good quote from this ad for KGB, some crappy 99-cent mobile phone Wikipedia-esque thing, below this screenshot…

“Oh No you bett’ not be putting no yak up in MAH weave”

Furthermore, American Apparel targets easy girls, Alex and Chloe targets dirty skinny hipsters, and Apple targets people who have to buy their individuality:






Hannah Mantana: THE MOVIE

30 Mar

Here is the preview* for the comedy short that my friends and I made for Campus Moviefest:

*Sorry it’s not the whole thing – but we need everyone we can to come see our movie (and then vote for it to win) at Campus Moviefest.

Wednesday April 22nd – Bridgewater State College – Campus Center – 7:30pm


If we win we get to go to NYC for Regionals & win some siqq prizes!! HELP A SISTA OUT, YA? I officially invite you.

Shootin’ a Movie

27 Mar

You may have noticed a lack of me writing lately. I’ve been busy getting C’s in biology, interviewing for a fictional job, and shooting a movie with my friends for Campus Moviefest at my college. Here are some pictures; I’ll throw the movie on Youtube by Monday. I won’t tell you what it’s about yet so you might have to piece it together from the pictures…






Basically, they lent us an HD video camera, a MacBook Pro w/ iMovie and FinalCut (which is a mystery to me and I don’t intend to solve it), two new Samsung phones (which I’ve been using to buy ringtones, call people, and probably try to call my cousin in England), and a tripod. AND we can win prizes. They spoiled us. The movie can only be five minutes and we only get 6 days to complete it. Including editing. PHEW.

With all this excitement, I’ve pretty much blown off all my schoolwork, which is only Calculus problems – let’s face it, I go to a state school. It is what it is. :)

So I’ll post the full movie on Youtube by Sunday. Oh, it’s a comedy. Obviously.

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