Happy Saint Paddy’s Day kid

16 Mar

Do you love our Boston accents?

Video circa 2007. That year, my friends and I ditched the legendary South Boston Saint Patrick’s Day parade. We ditched it this year too (it was Sunday). Instead my best friend Katie and I decided to take advantage of the sweltering 59-degree-day by driving out to Castle Island. Which, like the parade, is in South Boston. I don’t know why we thought there would be parking. There wasn’t.

We may be from the biggest college town in America, but that doesn’t mean we’re the smartest cookies in the knife drawer. :)


One Response to “Happy Saint Paddy’s Day kid”

  1. Ahmnodt Heare March 19, 2009 at 3:19 am #

    And an Erin go Braghless to you too!

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