Phonics: “Pah-hoe-nykes”

17 Jan

When I’m bored in the shower I enjoy reading the backs of shampoo bottles. When I’m bored on the train to work, I enjoy reading the Metro,  and when I’m bored on the train after work, I flip through  Stuff@Night. I am a Level 5 Ad-Ignorer for both, which is ironic because I work in advertising. And by work in advertising, I mean that I scan and file the ad contracts that put the ads on the pages of Stuff@Night and The Boston Phoenix. True Life: I’m an Intern.

These are my two favorite columnists. Both are guaranteed to make me LOL on a trainride, thus disturbing other passengers’ Staring-Into-Space time.

1. Elliott Kalan, Metro columnist, writer for the Daily Show, political satirist and sex object

Read his occasionally-posted-on-the-Metro-website column here (under “Kalan:”). The Metro makes me quite proud of the weird web-people that sit behind me and run our webpages.

2. Mike Diskin, Stuff@Night columnist (writes Saturday Night Live), creative director for Stuff@Night

‘Twas The Weekend Before Christmas











Read the rest here. Iambic pentameter not included.

Have a good weekend, Interneters;  I’m off to watch the boyfriend’s band  at the All Asia Cafe. I’m hoping to meet some real, live Asians.


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