I Made Newsweek’s List!!

30 Dec


Here’s what Newsweek wrote about me:

“You can look at Ummmmheyyyy’s year in two ways. On the business side, she proved—at last—that she’s mortal. Her empire (the airbrushing agenda, the blog, etc.) has taken a hit in the pocketbook, though whose hasn’t? But she’s flexing her muscles in a much bigger arena: politics. Pundits are still debating what impact she had on Obama‘s victory, but when she endorsed him in late 2007 Hillary was the front runner—and he won the Iowa caucuses. Whatever the Ummmmheyyyy effect, she was front and center in Chicago on election night and will be again for the Inauguration. She’s denied that Obama is giving her a job, but we know she already has his ear.”

What an honor. I’ve worked hard to make my dreams a reality, and I never expected anyone to really give me recognition just for being who I am. Thanks, Newsweek!


One Response to “I Made Newsweek’s List!!”

  1. James McKenna December 30, 2008 at 9:15 pm #

    newsweek is for nazis and bastard children.

    go time!

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